Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Safety Tip: Vehicle Decals

So, I’m off work and trotting over to my car- being careful and all- and have to stop. And stare. And blink. There, on the back of the monster SUV is a stick figure family announcing to the world who everyone is that usually drives around in that Explorer.

All right, we all seen them, some of us love them and others hate them. Readers might even have those stick figure families on the back window right now on what ever they are driving. I personally prefer something other than the stick family figures- like the flip flops, dolphins or …well, anything but the stick figures, actually.

But I digress.

The important thing is that those decals don’t reveal any private information concerning you family. The ones that have your family’s name and- more vital- the names of your children you have to be careful with. Even the family pet could be dangerous. After all, to your kid, who else but a friend of the family would know Rover’s name?

So a stranger could walk up to your child playing and say, “Jenny Smith, your mom and dad sent me to get you. Rover got hit by a car and I need to drive you to the vet’s. They’re waiting for us. You want to see if he’s okay, right?”

Now, I love bumper stickers and the like. But think a bit before you over share. I did find on the web my personal favorite below. I bet they’re preppers.

Stay strong and be safe,


  1. I totally agree about sharing too much information, whether on your vehicle or Facebook or wherever. My favorite versions of those family stickers are ones in which they are all zombies or, even better, one with a chainsaw bearing guy chasing the stick figure people.

    Keep up the good posts!

  2. Oh, I found it...

    Best wishes!


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